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Social outeraction
Bonus Post! Everybody likes a bonus from time to time! In this bonus post I'm collaborating with my best friend, Alex King. He has recently re-launched his blog and chose Social Interaction as his next topic. It's a massive talking point! Different people have different experiences of it, so I'm chipping [...]
Sun, Nov 17, 2019
Source: Robert – DyspraxicFantastic
One year on from my previous Anti-bullying week post and the question “Is there anything new I can contribute to it?” Well this year I've pondered the same question and have actually thought of a few topics that link into bullying. So that's awesome, right? It would be except the topics I have chosen [...]
Wed, Nov 13, 2019
Source: Robert – DyspraxicFantastic
A couple of weeks ago I attended the Dyspraxia Foundation adult conference in Birmingham. It was a great event with some brilliant speakers and really important messages. One of the key messages put across by a few of the speakers was the importance of self-acceptance and understanding. It was said [...]
Fri, Nov 08, 2019
Source: Natalie – The Blog With One Post
I have always, dealt with life events, thoughts, feeling and emotions through writing. I've been able to process everything in the written word. Whether that is texts to a friend, notes in a notepad, through journalism or long email exchanges, being able to eloquently get my thoughts down on paper [...]
Fri, Nov 01, 2019
Source: Alice – A Little More Understanding
Dark Games: Dark
Recapping from my last post, I talked about how games help me handle certain stresses in my life and this post follows on from that topic. This post is all about how dark psychological horror games help me fight depression. Getting posted on Halloween is rather apt, wouldn't you agree? [...]
Thu, Oct 31, 2019
Source: Robert – DyspraxicFantastic