Looking for more information about dyspraxia? Then we have plenty of of online resources recommended below!

Dyspraxia Foundation
The main website for the Dyspraxia Foundation.

Dyspraxia Foundation Youth
Our very own closed facebook Group, for 13-25 year olds.

Thinking Out Of The Box
Our very own youth member Rosie blogs about her experiences of living and surviving life with Dyspraxia

Dyspraxic Fantastic
Our own youth member Robert’s blog spreading the dyspraxia word. Full of interesting stories experiences and advice and you can contact him through his Facebook page too!

Krystal’s Youtube Channel
Another member of our youth focus group Krystal posts a lot of videos on dyspraxia!

Dyspraxic Teens
A forum set up by teenagers with dyspraxia. A great resource for young people to access, join and share stories and experiences.

Dyspraxic Adults
Offering help, information, support and advice for Dyspraxic people aged 16 or over.