“The Dyspraxia Foundation was my parent’s first port of call when I was diagnosed and thanks to their help they didn’t feel alone.” 

We couldn’t provide our services without the people who support us.

Every donation helps us raise awareness and improve the lives of people affected by dyspraxia. So, if you would like to help, take a look at our fundraising page to see the many ways you can raise funds for the Dyspraxia Foundation.

Let’s make a difference together

Donate Online

Visit our homepage for a DONATE button at the bottom of the homepage to donate via PayPal or Go to https://www.justgiving.com/ to donate or register an event and support us – we need your support to continue our work.

Become a Friend of the Dyspraxia Foundation
Donate anything from £5 per month to make a real difference to our work. Your money will help towards keeping the helpline open, offering advice and ensure that we can support those in need. Simply fill in our form and send it back to us at [email protected] 

Online Fundraising
Perfect for the person who loves to search, sell and shop on line! Just follow the directions below to see how you can support the Dyspraxia Foundation and raise funds for us at the same time.

Easy Fundraising
Easy FundraisingRaise money for the Dyspraxia Foundation when you shop online at no extra cost to yourself. Over half a million people are already using easyfundraising and over 2,700 retailers are on board donating money to over 55,000 good causes.


  1. Go to easyfundraising.org.uk and register your email address and select that you would like to support the Dyspraxia Foundation.
  2. When shopping online always go to easyfundraising.org.uk first
  3. Choose a retailer and click through to their website
  4. The retailer will then give a donation to the Dyspraxia Foundation at no extra cost to you.

Give as you Live

GGive As You Liveive as you Live is a shopping and price comparison website with a heart. You can shop for products from thousands of leading online retailers; use their price comparison tool to ensure you get the best price and save money by using the exclusive offers and deals.

For every purchase you make a percentage will be donated to the Dyspraxia Foundation at no extra cost to you. Go to www.giveasyoulive.com and sign up for free and select that you would like to support the Dyspraxia Foundation


Charitable BookingsLove to eat out – You can raise funds for charity!   For those of you who love to eat out, now you can support and raise money for the Dyspraxia Foundation by making a reservation for dinner through ChariTable Bookings. The restaurant will donate £1 for every diner to the Dyspraxia Foundation at absolutely no cost to you

Simply go to www.charitablebookings.org sign up or use the App available for all platforms. Book a table and support the Dyspraxia Foundation. It couldn’t be simpler.  There are over 7,000 restaurants to choose from around the UK and if your favourite is not on the list, simply suggest them to Charitable Bookings.

Ebay for Charity

EbayShop on eBay.   The beauty of eBay for charity is that when you buy or sell you can support the Dyspraxia Foundation at the same time! 

When you sell an item, you decide how much you would like to donate and what percentage you’d like for yourself.  You can also support the Dyspraxia Foundation when shopping by buying items marked with the eBay for Charity ribbon . When you see the ribbon you’ll known that some or all of what you pay will go to us.

In addition, when you pay through eBay Checkout for an item you’ve won, you have the option to add a small donation. By adding a little extra to your purchase, you can support a good cause when you shop on eBay.

 Register at http://pages.ebay.co.uk/ebayforcharity


Easy SearchEasysearch is completely free and by using it instead of any search engine you can raise money for the Dyspraxia Foundation

The final amount per search can vary, however it generally works out at around 0.5p. The average user generates approximately £20 per year for their cause by doing just 10 searches a day.

  1. Go to http://www.easysearch.org.uk/ where you will be asked to choose a cause to support. Type in Dyspraxia Foundation
  2. From now on every search you make through the website will raise funds for the Dyspraxia Foundation at no extra cost to you.


Every Click

Every Click have teamed up with loads of leading retailers who have all agreed to give a percentage of your total spend with them to the Dyspraxia Foundation

Visit http://www.everyclick.com/ and sign up for a free Everyclick account and choose the Dyspraxia Foundation. You can track how much you raised for us!


Charity Cards

Charity CardsWhen buying your cards why not do so through Charity cards where you can buy cards, calendars and E-cards to help raise money for the Dyspraxia Foundation. The Dyspraxia Foundation will be printed on each card or merchandise that you buy. Ten pence from every card you buy is given to the Foundation and 10% of the cost of E-cards or calendars. Visit https://www.charitycards.org

Greeting Cards and Stationary from Kayte Genders.

Kayte is a mother of a child with dyspraxia.  Her site donates to the Dyspraxia Foundation 10% of sales on orders under £25 and 15% over this amount.  Just add Dyspraxia Foundation to your name on ordering to support us while buying cards, stationery and much more.

Take Part in our Lottery

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-15-56-32Unity is the Dyspraxia Foundation’s fundraising lottery scheme. It’s designed to give us the chance to gain support and raise valuable funds through our own weekly lottery draw.
You can play for as little as £1 per week and 50p of every £1 you play is guaranteed to go straight to help our Foundation! So for every £1 you play each week, you’ll have another chance to win prizes of up to £25,000!

For just £1 per week you will be allocated with a six digit Unity Lottery number, which will remain yours for as long as you wish to keep playing. You can purchase more than one number if you wish.

Every Saturday, the lucky winners are selected at random and prize cheques are issued and posted directly to you, so there is no need for you to claim. You must be 16 or over to enter. Winners have to match 3, 4, 5 or all 6 digits of the winning number in the correct place in the sequence. Click here to sign up today and WIN up to £25,000. (insert link when online)

Please note, you need to be 16 or over in order to play the Unity Lottery. Click here to view the game rules.

To play, simply visit the Unity Lottery website and follow the instructions, for further information, please contact the Dyspraxia Foundation at [email protected]

Fundraising Events

Sponsored events.

If you would like to raise money for the Dyspraxia Foundation you can take on a challenge or activity. We are happy to support you, put your details on social media to help you raise money as well as give you a running vest, leaflets, T-shirt, balloons, stickers or anything you need to make your fundraising a success.  You can also set up your own fundraising page so the sponsorship goes directly to the charity along with any Gift Aid by visiting the Just Giving website at: https://www.justgiving.com/
Please contact us with information on your events at [email protected] 

Running Events

Parallel London – Sunday 3rd September 2017, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford.
2016 saw the most inclusive race seen in the UK. People from all abilities and ages took part in a 100m, 1k, 5k or 10k event at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. In 2016 we had four runners take part in the event and they thoroughly enjoyed the day, which includes a free event village – which is accessible to everyone, not just those taking part, with events, (free!) food and a lot more!


Great Bristol Half Marathon – 17th September 2017


Great Birmingham Run – 15th October 2017


Great South Run – 5K & Junior Events – 21st October 2017


Great South Run – 22nd October 2017

If you want to see what running events are in your area for either yourself or your family please visit the events page at: http://www.greatrun.org/


Brighton Marathon – Sunday 15th April 2018


Great Birmingham 10K – Sunday  April 2018


Family Mile, Bristol – Sunday 13th May 2018


Great Manchester Run – Sunday 20th May 2018


Great Newham Run, London Olympic Stadium / London Stadium – Sunday 1 July 2018
Follow in the footsteps of the greats of London 2012, as this unique run takes part around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, where you can cross the finish line inside the London 2012 Olympic Stadium!


Great North 10k Family Events – Sunday 8th July 2018


Westminster British 10k – June/July 2018 TBC

A Road Race with a fantastic atmosphere that passes through the heart of central London, with many of the capital’s historic landmarks along the route. Runners of all abilities take part and raise money for worthwhile causes. How about entering and running for the Dyspraxia Foundation? The Hitchin Team will be there to give ‘Team Dyspraxia’ plenty of support along the route.  Contact our offices to find out more and to register your interest on 01642 455016 or [email protected]


To organise your own event – visit



If you would like something more challenging or to carry out a challenge abroad please visit:


We are always grateful to everyone who supports us and organises fundraising events on our behalf.  Here are some examples of activities you can do:

  • Hold a coffee morning
  • Hold an afternoon tea
  • Hold a dinner
  • Have a murder mystery dinner party
  • Organise a quiz evening
  • Organise an arts and crafts fair
  • Organise a concert
  • Do a car wash day and wash everyone’s cars
  • Organise a family fun day or picnic
  • Give it up! – give something up for a month – it could be chocolate, sweets, cake or biscuits
  • Guess the weight of…. A cake, teddy, basket full of food
  • Jumble sale
  • Name the teddy, doll or a new pet
  • Recipe swap – swap your favourite recipes with friends
  • Organise a treasure hunt
  • Sponsor one of our members to run the 10K London Run
  • Organise a best photograph competition
  • Cycle/walk to school or work for a week
  • Do a wine tasting
  • Swim
  • Hike
  • Cricket match

Other ways you can help!



You can recycle your inkjet cartridges and mobile phones to raise money for the Dyspraxia Foundation and protect the environment at the same time. It is easy to do – just select the Dyspraxia Foundation and register online. You can order freepost bags to return your items in, or even arrange for a box of wanted items to be collected, free of charge! You can even monitor your account to see how much you’ve raised and each quarter an automatic payment will be made to your chosen cause. Visit https://www.recycle4charity.co.uk

Give as you earn (GAYE)

GAYE or Payroll giving is the most tax effective way to donate to the charity. Donating directly from your salary gives you and the charity unique benefits.

Your donation is taken pre-tax, meaning that part of your donation comes from money that would otherwise have gone to the taxman.

For example if you donate £20:

As a 20% taxpayer:

Total to charity        £20
You actually pay    £16
Reduction in tax     £4

As a 40% taxpayer:

Total to charity        £20
You pay                   £12
Reduction in tax     £8

To give to charity in this way your employer must offer a payroll giving scheme. To find out if your employer has a GAYE scheme or to ask CAF to contact your employer to join one, go to https://www.cafonline.org/my-personal-giving.aspx

GAYE for Employers

GAYE is the most popular payroll giving in the UK. Providing match funding for your employees’ charitable activities is the best way to increase employee engagement by showing you as a company share support for the charities your employees care about.

CAF also found out that matching employees’ charitable donations can lead to improved staff productivity and loyalty as well as boosting your public perception.

Whether your employees are fundraising, volunteering or donating, the CAF matched giving site can help you. The scheme allows you to match;

  • CAF give as you earn employee donations
  • personal employee donations made by cheque, cash, direct debit or card
  • individual and team fundraising efforts
  • individual and team volunteering events

Leaving gifts to charity in your will

Your will says what will happen to your money, property and possessions after you die.

Your donation will either;

  • be taken off the value of your estate before Inheritance Tax is calculated
  • reduce your Inheritance Tax rate, if more than 10% of your estate is left to charity

You can donate;

  • a fixed amount
  • an item
  • what’s left after other gifts have been given out

Writing your will

Find out how to write or update your will here – https://www.gov.uk/make-will/writing-your-will, including how to make sure it’s legal.

Include the charity’s full name – check with them or search the charity register in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Donating Land Property or shares

You don’t have to pay tax on land, property or shares donated to charity. This includes selling them for less than their market value.

You will get tax relief on both Income tax and Capital Gains Tax.

You must keep records of the donation to show that you made the gift or sale and that the charity has accepted it.

Details of Income Tax relief and Capital Gains Tax relief are available on https://www.gov.uk/donating-to-charity/donating-land-or-shares