We have some exciting news to share with you all, and are really hoping that you can all get involved. For Dyspraxia Foundation Awareness week in October DF Youth would like to launch a video to share far and wide to raise the awareness of what Dyspraxia means to you.

A small group gathered together at the AGM and discussed ways of getting your message across and how to involve as many as you as possible, this being tricky as you all live all over the country and some even abroad! It was decided that if everyone could film their own personal video and share it with us, a few members of the Focus Group will then get together to edit it.

So how to get involved?

Youth Focus Group member Krystal, who has done many vlogs has kindly put together a guide for anyone unsure of how to go about it you can download a copy here.

Please start your video with ‘Hi My name is ……… and I have dyspraxia‘ and please finish with ‘Thanks for watching’ as it is planned to edit this together too.

Please talk about how Dyspraxia has affected you, what annoys or makes you sad about how you are treated as a result of your dyspraxia and peoples’ pre conceived ideas. Your sucesses (eg exams, driving test, getting the job you wanted), the positives of having Dyspraxia – your creative skills, your empathy skills etc, how if it wasn’t for Dyspraxia you wouldn’t have met your best mate or travelled to different places etc.

We want to tell your story as you are unique and different to another person with Dyspraxia and we want to raise the awareness and break down barriers to help other young people by watching others who ‘get it’ and at the same time raise awareness to others who don’t know or fully understand.

If you dont feel comfy in front of the camera just an oral account would be great, or put what you want to get across on some big cards and hold these up in front of the camera. This is your chance of  ‘speaking up’ and raising awareness in the areas you want.

All videos need to be submitted by the end of August 2016, this will give us enough time to edit the videos and get them ready for the awareness week in October.

When you have created the video, please upload it to our shared Dropbox location

By submitting a video you agree that your video can be used in an information video for the Dyspraxia Foundation and that the video might also be used in various other forms across our social media platforms. For example your video might be used as an individual video on youtube discussing your video matter as well as in the larger video this project is aiming to achieve. 

If you have any further questions please e-mail [email protected] 

The Dyspraxia Foundation Youth Guide to creating a video.