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A while back we asked you to vote on a subject you wanted more information on and the winner was Disclosing Dyspraxia to friends and family.

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On Saturday 19th November, regular blogger Rosie Edmondson attended the launch of the book- We’re All Mad Here by Claire Eastman. The book discusses advice and reassurance about living with social anxiety. Rosie regularly blogs about the links between dyspraxia and anxiety as well as social anxiety. When you struggle with anxiety it can be very difficult to understand it, to understand why you might be struggling with physical symptoms or having lots of worries. It can be easy to keep it to yourself, and think it’s just you being you. For many years I had no idea what I was struggling was anxiety nor social anxiety and kept it hidden for many years whilst being struggling quite badly with it. As someone who has found socialising in groups overwhelming and challenging anxiety wise I found the book very relatable and I could empathise a lot with Claire’s feelings and experiences. It helped me feel less alone, and helped me understand my anxiety and panic attacks better . Being dyspraxic we often are quite different and unique to our peers, it can feel like it’s just you who finds these situations more challenging. But I found this book quite reassuring but also explained what is a very real issue to live with. It can also help people who are unsure that what they might be experiencing is anxiety and gives advice for what help is out there. At the event itself I naturally felt very nervous beforehand, but alas it was refreshing to discuss the links between dyspraxia and anxiety and help get the word out more. As the more we talk about these issues the more we help others feel less alone and raise awareness and understanding. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank people for reading my blogs over the last year, I am always so grateful that people take the time to read my blogs and I hope they have helped people out there. For more about dyspraxia, anxiety and social situations please keep tuned to my blog over the Christmas period, as it’s something many find harder and it’s important to me that people know they aren’t alone.
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It’s your chance to directly influence what we do next! After the success of our Social Skills worksheet, which is now available for you to download, we are again asking you what we should ask our focus group next! Simply place your vote in the poll below and the winning poll will form the basis of our next worksheet!

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