In October 2018, the Dyspraxia Foundation appointed the first of our ‘Youth Champions’. Our champions applied for the role from being members of our Dyspraxia Foundation Youth group for 13-25 year olds. They will work alongside the Foundation over the next 12 months, attending events, promoting awareness and a lot more!

Imogen Rowe

My name is Imogen (known by Immie to many) and I am a 20 years old.   I live in Solihull and enjoy singing in my local community choir, running, walking in the countryside, baking and playing with my two mad cats!

I was diagnosed with verbal dyspraxia at two years old and, although everyone can understand my speech now, my verbal communication difficulties and anxiety surrounding my speech still remain. It frustrates me that dyspraxia is poorly understood and little known.

I applied for the Youth Champion role because I am passionate about raising much needed awareness of the condition, spreading the word about dyspraxia and fundraising for a cause close to my heart.

Natalie Williams

I am Natalie, I’m 21 and live in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

I was diagnosed with dyspraxia at the age of three. It affects me in a variety of ways, but mainly in terms of coordination, motor skills, spatial awareness, concentration, speech, thought processing and social situations. I applied for the role of Dyspraxia Foundation Youth Champion as I loved the idea of having the opportunity to get involved with the charity to help others like me and to raise much needed awareness. I am currently a Master’s student, studying the Psychology of Education.

My aim is eventually to become an educational psychologist and help ensure other people get the support they need in education. When I’m not studying, I like to blog about dyspraxia, helping to raise awareness and help others. I also enjoy jogging, having fundraised for the Dyspraxia Foundation for the past three years and photography, particularly around London.

Really looking forward to getting started.

Tim Trivizas

Hi my name is Tim I am 24 and live in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

I applied because I want more recognition in education and I want people in education to have more support than I did and have it be there rather than fight for it for the teachers do something. I also want better media attention so it’s up there with Dyslexia.  It’s great that Doctor who has a person with the condition it’s a good start. I want to raise more awareness and fundraise at the same time so that people who may have Dyspraxia can get support and help earlier.

I work as a sound engineer doing freelance work. I do a number of jobs such as help with the lighting and audio at festivals and building stages. I also do this at theatres around the Oxfordshire area. I also do work as a Dubbing Mixer for Film and TV. I get all the audio and film from the director with their instructions on what they want. It all gets uploaded into a program called Pro Tools and from there I use various Plug-in to make the film sound Good including the Dialog, Effects and Audio.

I was Diagnosed aged 5 at my Local Doctors throughout primary school I went to an Occupational therapist 3 days in the afternoon this helped with my fine and gross motor skills and I learnt about social interaction with other people.

The way dyspraxia affects me is tricky. Some days it is worse than others.

Some of the main problems that still face me is the social side I don’t mind being in a group of people I know because I can be calm and relaxed. Other times I need to know who the people are but after a few moments I’m usually ok. Another main struggle I still have is time management and planning. For example I usually forget to put thing in my calendar on my phone of what my day is like or putting in deadlines. I still sometimes have speech and language problems because I need to repeat myself sometimes. I still have a massive spelling problem which includes my grammar and vocabulary skills. I know I still have terrible hand writing but a tutor helped with that so it’s ok now. I have memory issues especially in both long and short term side of my brain. I have problems with thoughts even to this day sometimes it can be a real struggle for me to get ideas on to paper.