In order to access the Dyspraxia Foundation Closed Youth Facebook Group you need to read the following ground rules and agree to adhere to them. If you have any questions please contact our Youth Information Officer.

We aim for this group to be a safe place to post, share and chat about your experiences and we will do our best to ensure conversations are appropriate. We are unable to monitor the Group 24/7 but please be assured that it is overseen regularly by Administrators of the Group and members of the Youth Focus Group and posts can be deleted or edited if they are felt inappropriate.

If you feel that a post is inappropriate or offending please do contact us at [email protected]

This Group is not a Crisis support service. We try to offer supportive information and can signpost on to other organisations that specialise in the topics that may be raised as appropriate.

If you require Crisis Support please see numbers of organisations below who are available 24/7 to help you.

Childline : Tel:08001111

Samaritans: Tel:116123 email: [email protected]

MIND: Tel:03001233393 Text: 86463 email:[email protected]

Please be aware of the DF helpline that is open Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm or you can email if preferred. Details can be found by following this link or call 01462 454986

Ground Rules

• No spamming, (meaning no selling of products)
• Members need to be respectful toward one another at all times, i.e. respectful towards another members comments/thoughts/beliefs etc.
• If a member is seen to be disrespectful towards another member or is rude, aggressive or insensitive they will be removed from the Group.
• No swearing or inappropriate language.
• Keep conversations visible and if you wish to engage in personal conversation with another member please ‘friend’ outside of group but STAY SAFE. (Please see youth website for our online safety section)
• If a member wishes to use the Group to support their further or higher education project it will first need approval from the Youth Information Officer

 – I have carefully read the above statements and agree to adhere to the community guidance for the closed Dyspraxia Foundation Youth Group on Facebook.