New Blogger Introduction

Hi everyone! My name is Patrick, I’m 16 years old and I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at aged 11, not long before I was due to leave primary school. This was a scary experience, I got no support from my school until year 9 when my school got a new SENCO, this person really understood my struggles and she put things in place to help me learn. I am now at College studying Health and Social Care and again, I have a really supportive Special Educational Needs Coordinator. I didn’t do the best in my exams, I passed both my English

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School with dyspraxia

School is a tough time for most with dyspraxia all the changing lessons and mixed in with PE where everyone can do something and you cant do it. Also when everyone writes an essay in 10 mins and you’re stuck there on the 5th line of the essay. While it can be tough many dyspraxics find their passion in school for example mine is music. I know dyspraxics that have gone into teaching the skies the limit. Some ways to help alleviate the stress is repitition of the activity it sounds boring but sometimes repeating for example an essay helps

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Hi guys im Alexa, I’m from the midlands in England and while not officially diagnosed with dyspraxia yet (October 24th can’t come soon enough) every one who knows me knows I’m dyspraxic. I have always been horrible at sport I can’t hit a ball throw it or catch it and don’t get me started on jumping/hopping. Anyway I love music some of my favorite bands are green day blink 182 coldplay and PATD. I also play cello ukulele guitar and drums and am hoping that I get a piano or bass for Christmas and will eventually get to learn them.

An Introduction of me

All about me Hi Everyone My name is Tim Trivizas and I have Dyspraxia. I was Diagnosed at age 5. at that time I did not know what it really was other than a label attached.  Throughout school I was good in class well behaved but my grades did not show that in the exams was constantly failing them due to the memory problems it effected both primary and secondary school. even with the amount of revision put in nothing would come out on the paper. when I left primary School I left with below average grades which made me

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A small introduction

hey guys, my name is Tamsyn and I’m one of the bloggers for Dfyouth! I am 24 years old and from a little island off of the south coast of England called the Isle of Wight. I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at around the age of 9. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I truly understood what dyspraxia meant. As I said above, I’m 24 and my dyspraxia can still give me a bit of a hard time! As it is currently Dyspraxia Awareness Week I thought I would do a little post on how my Dyspraxia affects

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Dyspraxia Foundation calls for greater understanding and mental health support for teenagers with Dyspraxia

Click here to download the full survey analysis. For further information or questions please contact [email protected]  Mental health matters to teenagers with dyspraxia Campaign calls for greater understanding and mental health support for teenagers with dyspraxia Dyspraxia Foundation this week launches a new survey which reveals the worrying impact of dyspraxia – a form of developmental co-ordination disorder- on teenagers’ mental health. The nationwide survey1 of parents/carers highlighted the hidden and distressing impact of dyspraxia on teenagers’ mental health. 55% said that dyspraxic teenagers aged 11-18 were frequently or nearly always anxious with the figure rising to 70% for people

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