Hello everyone hope all is well. Last friday I had the opportunity to go down to London for an Dyspraxia Foundation Youth meet up at the Norton Rose Fulbright.  When I arrived I was a bit nervous because I did not know anyone. This soon changed as people got started chatting to me and with offer of a bit of wine why not. I soon became myself and got chatting. The night went very well with a presentation from Mark who leads the adult side of the foundation left a lasting message on me. What he left me was that never give up and anything is possible. When the presentation finished came up my bit which after doing an application and sending it into the Foundation I was given my role formally and an award.

The other two Youth champions are Natalie and Imogen and are looking forward to working together. I am now working with the foundation on a number of things in the pipeline for the youth group. On Friday I met some wonderful people who made me feel good inside and some great friends that night. as one of my first official Duties at the event was a Live Stream on FaceBook With the other Youth Champions Natalie and Imogen.

Catch You Later

Tim Trivizas