New Blogger Introduction

New Blogger Introduction

Hi everyone!

My name is Patrick, I’m 16 years old and I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at aged 11, not long before I was due to leave primary school. This was a scary experience, I got no support from my school until year 9 when my school got a new SENCO, this person really understood my struggles and she put things in place to help me learn. I am now at College studying Health and Social Care and again, I have a really supportive Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

I didn’t do the best in my exams, I passed both my English and my Health and Social Care but didn’t do very well in the others. However, if you are to take one thing away from this post then please remember that your grades do not define you as a person, they don’t make you dumb and nor do they mean that you will never succeed. I once got told that a child isn’t gifted based purely on their grades.

I didn’t make many friends and I was bullied throughout my time at School, if you relate to this then please do not suffer in silence. You are so much bigger and better than the people who bully you and you can get through it.

When I get older, I am eager to pursue a career in Nursing, Teaching or Social Work. What career aspirations do you have?

As I go along, I will attempt to make new blogs on different subjects to try and help you as readers.

If you have any questions that you want to ask me then I will leave a contact form on the bottom of every one of my blogs so please feel free to use it! Feel free to answer any questions that I ask throughout my blogs. Do not feel pressured to put your name as it is not a required field.

Stay awesome and take care!


Patrick Maynard