My first experience at a convention.

My first experience at a convention.

Hey guys, hope you’re all well!

Last weekend (20th October 2018) I went to my first ever convention. I thought I’d tell you how I got on with my dyspraxia!

I’ve always wanted to go to a Comic Con. Where I live on the Isle of Wight we have had our own Comic Con called Island Con. These was the second year for it! As much as I’ve always wanted to go, I always avoided them because I knew I’d get anxious, so there was no point going.

I’m not very good in crowded situations. It’s a really big sensory overload for me. I get very anxious about the situation, I become frustrated when there is a lot of people around me as well as too much noise makes me anxious because I can’t focus on one conversation.
Because of all this, I’ve always avoided big places. Never been to a festival, convention or anything like this.

I wasn’t going to go last weekend, but I found out that my boyfriend and his friends were going on the Saturday, and the tickets were only £12. I thought “stuff it” and bought a ticket a week before the con. The plan I had was “I’ll buy the ticket. If I change my mind, it’s only £12 lost” So I didn’t feel pressured into going.
The night before was awful. I didn’t sleep.  I constantly felt sick and I even got upset. In the morning I was still feeling so sick, and considered cancelling and not going. I knew the con had an anxiety room for people like me, but it wasn’t really stopping the anxiety. But something in me gave me a push and I went.

I was so worried on how busy it was getting. I don’t walk in a straight line and with the amount of people I was worried I was going to walk into people, bump into people etc. I thought it was going to be really noisy as well meaning it was going to be a disaster before it began. But I think I was getting so excited I forgot about the amount of people there were around me. I kept bumping into people, but 99% of the time everyone was bumping into each other.

Even though they had an anxiety room for people. I honestly didn’t feel like I needed it. Where it was such a lovely warm day, it was so nice out that you could just chill outside and it was that small bit of peace that was enough to calm my sensory overload down.

This experience has made me learn to at least try and do new things. Next year I plan on buying a weekend ticket to go both days!

So that’s my little post about my first time at a convention!

Until next time!



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