Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018

The Dyspraxia Foundation is proud to be supporting Safer Internet Day (SID) 2018!

The Internet is a wonderful resource, it contains lots of information that is helping millions of people on a daily basis, but it is often a scary place where misinformation, online chats and discussions can create lots of doubt.

Safer Internet Day encourages us all, young and old, to think about how we use the Internet, and how we can make it a safer place for everyone who uses it.



The Dyspraxia Foundation are sharing our guidelines which you are free to download below, these include our guide to staying safe online and a guide on how to deal with bullying.

Join in the global conversation on SocialMedia with #SID18 #ItStartsWithUs and get involved on our own social media pages!

Stay safe online resources

Download – Dyspraxia Foundation guide to Staying Safe Online

Download – Dyspraxia Foundation guide on how to deal with bullying.

Matt Devonshire