The Dyspraxia Diaries – Podcast Series

The Dyspraxia Diaries – Podcast Series

Student Ryan Dowling Cashman explains the background to the Podcasts he created on Dyspraxia as part of his studies.

Often when I told people I had dyspraxia they would say you mean dyslexia and wouldn’t know what dyspraxia is.

My name is Ryan Dowling Cashman I diagnosed with Dyspraxia at young age. Growing up with Dyspraxia was hard and Challenging but with great support I made it to my final year at university studying Broadcast Media Production at the University of Sunderland. I came over from Ireland on a Top up degree. This brings to me my final year at Uni, as part of my final year I had to do a dissertation project.  My friend John and I decided to work together for it.

We started college at the same time and decided to come to Sunderland for our final year and be roommates. John didn’t understand my disability at first and wanted to learn more about it. We decided to do a podcast on dyspraxia as it was something close to me. I contacted Claire Cripps, Youth Information Officer for the Foundation and she was happy to help she invited me to join the dyspraxia foundation youth group on Facebook.

My thinking was Dyspraxia is a less known disability and it needed more awareness. The angle we took was to educate people who don’t know anything about Dyspraxia and to relate with people who do have it. We decided the best way to do this was to hear people’s experiences and stories on having Dyspraxia, while also having educational and medical professionals share their knowledge.

For me speaking with people who have Dyspraxia was great, I had never got a chance to do this before the podcast. I learned things about Dyspraxia I didn’t know while also being able to relate with other people with the disability. It gave me a better understanding of my disability.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the podcast with a special thanks to the Dyspraxia Foundation.

To listen to the podcasts, click the player below:

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