Young man with Dyspraxia has fantastic result at Strongman competition

Young man with Dyspraxia has fantastic result at Strongman competition


Hello everyone my name is Daniel Arnold and I’m 25

I got asked to do a write up about myself and my successes with strongman. I was diagnosed with dyspraxia when I was about 5 years old and I have problems with speech, reading and writing, gross motor etc. Through my school life I was bullied and was told I wouldn’t get anywhere in my life by both kids and adults. This wasn’t so much when I was in high school. I did rugby for a few years but because of injuries I had to give it up. I am also in to cars and racing, mainly since the age of 18, I’m in the middle of building my own drag car too.

My life really changed when I was 21, my best friend (Nathan) asked me if I wanted to train with him in the gym, at first I said no. So weeks went past and then he asked me again. This time I said yes, I was 68kg and had never done anything like this before. It was not easy at the start because of my dyspraxia, but he supported me at every step- I found keeping to a healthy diet hard and eating 6-7 times a day was really tough. So when I turned 24 I decided I wanted to have a go at a strength sport, so I tried strongman and found I loved it. I did my first competition with only a few weeks of strongman training under my belt. I came joint 11th, my 2nd competition was Norfolk’s strongest man in novice class, I came 7th out of 15 people. I have just done my 4th competition which was my biggest comp and had some of strongest novices in the UK competing. I came 32nd out of 50+ people.

I often get asked ‘how do I deal with worried/nervous/anxious feelings I get?’ Well I battle with that every day. Some days I want to give up, but then I look back at how far I have come. That gives me the incentive to keep me going. I have awesome friends, family and a great personal trainer (Jenny Todd). They all support me at every step! But my successes are down too being determined. I just wanted to show all the people who said “I wouldn’t get anywhere in my life” That I can do it and I am successful. Over the last year and half I have met loads of awesome people doing strongman who have helped me to achieve my goals. Now you ask what I want from strongman in future, I want to do the under 90kg class and see how far I can go!!

Thanks to all the people who have helped me over the years and to those who tried to hold me back, there’s no stopping me now!