Youth Facebook member Benjamin has won an award for his film ‘I, Eyriey: We need to talk about Benjamin.’ Below he tells us a little bit about himself and how the film came about.  You can also watch the film below. Huge Congratulations to him on this award and we wish every success in the future.
‘Hello, my name is Benjamin Eyriey, and I am a film student/ independent filmmaker from Cornwall. 
Throughout my life, I have suffered from Dyspraxia. Growing up, I was always one step behind people – struggling with co-ordination, concentration and organisation. I always believed that I would get nowhere in life, however, I am trying to prove that no matter who you are, or what you have (whether it be dyspraxia or dyslexia), you can always achieve great things.
I produced a short six minute mockumentary for a film school project called ‘I, Eyriey: We need to talk about Benjamin’; taking a humorous and honest approach into the life of somebody that has Dyspraxia. Primarily, the aim of this short film was to inform the audience about Dyspraxia, and how it affects people. I am hoping that it garners more attention to the disorder, as I believe that Dyspraxia it is often something overlooked, and deserves more awareness. 
The documentary won an award for being the ‘Best Film in Show’ – and is going to be shown at the Cornwall Film Festival in 2017.’